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Old 01-20-2009
naj naj is offline
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Hey Coach Dave thanks for contributing to this thread. I totally agree with you on the points you stressed. You and I had some brief but good talks on this subject at my workshop and I'm excited about the prospects.

You are absolutely correct, its going to take time but its vitally needed to provide this service for underrepresented communities.

Folks, I had the privillage of learning from Coach Dave, Fiona Laughlin, Kim Dinell and Noel Olsen, what they taught me and what I incorporated when I returned to my local pool was invaluable and for me getting that information from someone who not only had to go through the week long clinic but also had to get additional hours under a certified TI coach made me think that TI isn't out to just grab your money and say, "Okay now you can teach folks to swim."

Thats just my two cents.

Keep swimming!
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Old 01-20-2009
AWP AWP is offline
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naj and CoachDave... thanks, well said!
Hope to 'work' with you in the future!!
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Old 01-20-2009
shuumai shuumai is offline
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Originally Posted by naj View Post
"I still don't understand the need for a clinic before getting started. Look at job adverts for swim instructors and see what the typical requirements are. The good news is you don't have to match the requirements if you teach privately anyway."

With all due respet Shuumai, a lot of the private teachers are why the majority of us ended up getting into TI. For many, they stated that they felt they weren't getting better due to unknown reasons, but when they started swimming the TI way it really changed the way they swam.

The second point I'd like to make is not everyone can just advertise and end up teaching others on the spot to swim with confidence and with efficiency. For instance, I speak six languages fluently but I wouldn't even think to begin to teach someone how to speak Arabic -- even though I can -- I'm not well versed on explaining grammer, conjugation etc. Because I feel that learning from those that actually teach and teach in a creative and life-changing way is not something I feel I can do on my own, the same goes with swimming.

Thirdly, I feel its good that one be an apprentice in a TI swimming way (which I think you do after the clinic is concluded). What would it hurt to learn from those who have been doing it much longer than myself both with practical teaching skills and creative ones to match each clients individual needs?

Don't get me wrong Shuumai, I have no doubt you could be a great coach on your own, judging from your knowledge of swimming and TI swimming at that, but for me this would be the wiser way to go, as I'm sure for many others, though not necessarily all.

Thanks Again for the comments this is a grat thread!
To be honest, I think you are wasting time (as far as helping others) and hiding behind a philosophical wall. If you want to make a difference you have to get out and do it. Start with one person. That person might encourage two friends. Then those two friends might encourage two of their friends.

Like you said (EDIT: maybe you didn't say that.), you were instructed in a non-TI way and you found TI on your own. Do you doubt that anyone else can do the same? And why exactly must it be the TI way? And if it is the TI, does it have to be perfect?

Do you want to save people from drowning or produce tri-athletes? Do you want to help someone find and ease and joy in swimming or produce racers? Do you want people to take pride in their coach because he is some high-level TI guru or take pride in themselves because they achieved a goal they chose for themselves?

(EDIT: adding more stuff.) Why not get started helping people and attend a workshop when one comes along in the future? A good teacher must learn from the student as well, so part of your training as an instructor lies within the act of actually teaching. The process isn't so clean cut and linear as we might like.

Personally, the times I feel the best about swimming is when I notice a kid noticing me or making a comment like, he is swimming like a dolphin or mermaid. Or when a swim instructor points to me as an example. Indirectly a message is sent: I like what I'm doing, it can be done, I continue to work to improve, you can do it too and more than likely better than I.

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