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Old 10-14-2012
CharlesCouturier CharlesCouturier is offline
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Yeah, voilą. Nicely put.

And thanks for returning the ball so smoothly by the way. I felt on unstable ground here (I even deleted this post, hoping you had not read it lol)

So I thereby confirms that some of my works at the moment are inline with TI philosophy, but I'm braking so many rules that it's not even worth trying to figure out which is which.

First I limit this sort of work mostly with a pull. I want purity in the posture, and want to monitor improvement in torque per stroke. So I won't mind my (mostly tri) athletes to enjoy the comfort of a pull buoy during these. That's hard ultra specific aquatic pilates.

I work in a way that's probably very close to traditional ti way only with those from whom I expect a sound 2bk, and that's not too many people in the end. Better show a great balance, natural one that is (consider that I throw the towel in advance in this regard, with those who aren't blessed). Also with those who have extreme drag issues too. We may take an extreme dps focus for some time.

My approach is so simple. I reach for fair balance between speed and endurance, which remains an individual thing, and when I work on speed, that's flat out 6bk high velocity no glide as fast as you can swim for your life no thoughtfulness at all. Flat out. Like swimmers do. Like kids are asked to do, throughout their learning process. But I do it for the same reason TI motivates some of her choices. Neuro muscular development. I take this very seriously, and welcome the contribution of sprinting to this.

And the hybrid is fun too. Gim me your *dream* pace for a 400, over 50-100m distances (ą la rushall). Forces you to swim in control and avoid trashing.

As you can see, my position will never entirely be comfortable, but it's a chair that's been fitting me ok so far.

By the way, (gees I was lucky) I went to the little web page, and wondered...

How fast would Ian_mac need to swim over 100/400 respectively to expect 9:40 and 19 flat. First guess I tried 1:02 and more interestingly, 4:35!

First shot! Results : 9:39 and 19:58, respectively for 800 and 1500. Doesn't matter yards or meters, as long as the 2 inputs are same measurement.

And *that*, gives you an ideal SDI of 1.07. Fairly well for a 1500 specialist . If you look at this time over 400 and are like "Hey are you crazy?", then... you have to aim toward a flatter SDI, ie 1.06 and less. And that could mean serious endurance training to reach these values given such a low SDI. I just ran this test + a few others. Play with the page. See for yourself. You may achieve case figures that are closer to your actual profile as a swimmer.

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