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Old 07-28-2012 is offline
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Default Feedback on form?

Thanks in advance
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Old 07-28-2012
ashby ashby is offline
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Hi there!

Can you see the big kickstart you have restarting your stroke after the glide? They say if you reduce the glide that will start to dissapear.

Good luck!

Ashby: Defending mediocrity is hard work!
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Default shorten glide?

so i should to shorten my glide? dont they want you to glide and reach farther?
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Old 07-29-2012
mbruse mbruse is offline
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Default My observations

1. Use wider tracks on stroking. Your left hand is in front of your head which is causing you to over rotate. The over rotation is causing you to have splayed scissor kick.

I struggle with this too. Try the superman glide to get used to wide tracks. It will feel strange and too wide at first but check out Shinji's CG video as a model.

2. The other thing I noticed is lack of patient lead hand upon your return in the latter part of the video. The recovery hand should be past your ear before pulling back on the other. This will cause your center of buoyancy to shift and to raise your legs and feet higher in the water.

Good luck ... All this is easier said than done. :)
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Old 07-31-2012 is offline
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Default any more???

so all else is perfect? lol ... really would like any more constructive criticism ... want to get better!!!
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Old 07-31-2012
mjm mjm is offline
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Default Pause and Sink

Dr. Larry: just for fun let's say you have a pronounced scissor kick and you use that kick to "fix" something.

Why don't we ever see Shinji, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, or Sun Yang scissor kick? The short answer: great balance both front to back and side-to-side and minimal drag that would be negated if they used a scissor kick.

So what does a scissor kick "fix"? Usually an unbalanced body position. Meaning? Suppose you were trying to stand on one foot with your eyes closed. Your body--mostly the leg muscles--would automatically make all these small adjustments to keep you from falling over.

You try to maintain a balanced, horizontal body position while swimming. If you spear deeply with the right hand, pause that hand and meanwhile the torso sinks, what does the body do? Scissor kicks to get back to horizontal.

How do you fix a scissor kick? Swim flat? Lots of luck with that. Practice superman glide? Yes, but you still need to breathe. Spear less deeply and extend the arm horizontally while breathing instead of pushing down to get the head up? Might work. Swim with bands around the feet? Works but difficult like quitting smoking cold turkey. Watch how Shinji swims especially how he keeps horizontal? Maybe. Helps with visualizing. Daily video yourself underwater while focusing on horizontal position without scissor kicking? Could work. Best of luck. MJM

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