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Old 03-07-2012
nicka nicka is offline
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Default My First Tempo Trainer Experience

Thanks to Terry's advice i ordered a TT and received it a couple of weeks ago.
At first i found it very difficult to use keeping time and only to find myself rushing and slowing down trying to have my stroke land exactly on each beep but tonight it all come together.
I found by counting my SPL's rather than trying to land my stroke exactly on the beep by the millisecond it all become automatic.
I started off with my usual 20 lap (500 meter) time trial to see if i have made any improvements(In which i haven't,10.56)) then i swam a few laps counting my SPL learning the TT and i achieved 19 to 20, not very good as some days i can achieve 17 to 18 but never mind, it is what it is on the day.
Then i set the TT to 1.30 and swam 4*25 making sure i did 19 SPL max having about a 5 second break between each lap.
Then i reduced the TT down .01 at a time still swimming 4*25 but focusing on achieving 19 max SPL taking it down to 1.20 and holding this for a while.
Focusing on achieving consistant SPL's i found myself really concentrating and trying to streamline to acheive max 19 with some laps being down to 17 SPL.
For me this was a great achievement as i have only ever been able to achieve 28-29 second laps which i have never been able to improve on no matter how fast i try to swim but today i found myself doing 26-27 second laps with the TT at 1.20 still feeling focused and everything holding together even after swimming an 80 lap session.

Next off i'll try the 4*100 recommendation from Terry and see if i can hold it together to really test things out and also venture out to the 50 meter pool which i find a lot harder workout.
So a good day today for me, we'll see what happens tomorrow :)


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Old 03-07-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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ha ha, now it gets addictive as you know how to swim any time you want SRXSPL the 25's are the most fun as you only have to achieve a specific goal, no worries of other people in the lane or turn time etc.

enjoy the magic.
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