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Old 09-25-2010
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Default New member says hello!

At Terry's suggest I have signed up to the forum to share some of my (limited!) experiences with TI!

I am a bit of a fraud really as I have only worked my way through the TI Freestyle book and have not yet worked with a coach, but hopefully that will change in the near future.

Terry thought my experiences this week swimming in very choppy water might be of interest, so here they are:

Official outdoor swimming in Vienna is well and truly over in the (many) outdoor pools as they closed their door on September 19th - just as the weather turned absolutely glorious. So this week I have been in the Danube, which has lots of stretches safe for swimming i.e. away from the river traffic. Temp. about 17-18 I reckon, but as I don't have a wettie I think this week could be my last outside.

I built up to a full 'ironman' length swim yesterday, trying to put in to practice some of the tips from the Perpetual Motion freestyle seminars on Youtube you linked through to. All very useful stuff. Coming back into the 30kmh wind and heavy chop all hell was breaking loose, but trying to keep the stroke 'an oasis of calm within the storm' worked really, really well. It's funny how big a role the mind plays - mentally calming everything down, stretch the stroke, take it easy, and suddenly everything improves.

One last thing TI has given me. When I start to get tired on a long swim like that I can rest whilst still swimming, by conciously slowing things down 5 % and concentrating on length, rhythm and form. Really useful, as before I would just get mored and more tired, messier and less efficient.

And Terry's reply:

I had precisely the same experience - being reminded of how much one's experience is determined by what and how you're thinking.

It was brought home when I was about half a mile from the finish. I'm not conditioned for a swim that long right now. I had been feeling a creeping edge of fatigue for 10 to 15 minutes at that point and could feel my ability to maintain flow slipping too.

I looked forward and could see the finish line, as well as 6 or 8 swimmers stretched out between me and it. And I just wanted to be done already - or at least closer to the finish as they were. Right away I wasn't having as much fun, the feeling of fatigue became more pronounced and I felt a sense of strain or struggle enter my stroke.

That lasted only perhaps 5 seconds before I caught myself and thought "No. Be HERE and make each stroke as good as it can be. Let the finish line come to you."

The final 8 to 10 minutes were the best of the entire swim.

Hope this is useful!

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