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Old 03-22-2013
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My Yoga teacher doesn't teach shoulderstand because she thinks it is too dangerous. I think that is great.

My wife had a grandma who was practicing Yoga (40-50 years ago this was kind of rare) and my wife did shoulder and head stands before tests in school. She said she always had a very clear and calm mind and had very good results.

I saw Luisa's hyper-extending elbows in the spearing position in her videos and thought it was due to hyper-flexibility. Good to hear that there are people who deal with themselves in an intelligent way.

Originally Posted by CoachLuisaFonseca View Post
... Add to that the nature of humans of always trying to do more than they're prepared to do. ...
I am not so sure. I believe that this is not natural to humans, but the effect of the mindset of modern, western people. Since we lack any true spirituality we always look outside, see ourselves and others only from the outside and compare ourselves from that viewpoint. From there we always judge and compete. So this is not natural at all, but I agree that it is a big problem.

To illustrate that.
In Germany some pharmacologists did a questionaire in a Marathon event with ca. 4000 participants, almost all amateurs, and asked them whether they take painkillers before the race, without indication and symptoms, just to get better through the race. More than 60 percent said they did. The next race they confronted them with the findings of their study (there are also US studies with the same result) that said that the positive effect of taking drugs before the race against possible pain etc is close to Zero, but the negative effect is severe to dramatic. Then they questioned them again. The rate of people who took pain killers had not decreased.

So what can the best teacher do against this stubborn and unreasonable ambition in people?
I also find the superficiality in dealing with this quite disturbing, although not really surprising. Even journalists these days seem to be satisfied with the most superficial level. Instead of really looking at the causes the blame is simply put on Yoga.

Also here:
Originally Posted by caronis View Post
......I think the success of Steve Jobs had to do with the battling of his demons. He would have disagreed and cringed at the notion, but it's been felt that his issues regarding being adopted gave him the drive to prove he was special and that his parents were wrong for giving him up......
I do believe that we all have our daemons and fight with them more or less successfully. But in the case of Steve Jobs I have a different opinion, and I am aware that my opinion here is not very popular. I regard a life that is based on proving that you are special as a tragical misconception. It means not recognizing the daemon and having lost the fight before it started. The spirit is great, but the aim is an illusion. What a waste.

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