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Old 07-23-2012
ian mac ian mac is offline
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ian mac
Default Swims that are special

In Terry's most recent post on his "Terry's Practices Summer 2012" he shares:

"It paid off today at Grimaldo's Mile in the ocean at Coney Island. I felt as good from beginning to end as I had in any open water race in 39 years. Placed 14th of 140+ which tells me it was fast for the conditions too. Time was 28:12, just a bit over 2 minutes behind the top finisher, who was in his early 20s."

Sometimes we get bogged down on these forums over rather inconsequential stuff - I have been on occasion irate over posts due to some philosophical agreement or difference of opinion. I have some time forgotten my own mantra and rebuke to others that first and foremost, "We are all swimmers."

With beautiful weather here in Oshawa (near Toronto, Canada) there are several outdoor pools to practice in. All summer I have the pleasure of swimming in a glorious environment within a large park. I swim with my 10 year old daughter Claire ( a joyful swimmer) and many others of varying abilities. Every day there is a serenity and joy of swimming together. Some days I train like a man possessed and other days are spent teaching others a mindful TI approach to more effortless swimming.

Regardless of the purposefulness of the practice, it is a joy to be in the now and still be reminded of the joy of swimming first appreciated by this then 13 year old boy 41 years ago.

I would love my swimming brethren to share their special swims and keep me joyful and inspired.
ian mac
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Old 07-23-2012
terry terry is offline
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Default A Race to Remember

Thanks for starting this thread. As you noted in quoting my brief race report from yesterday's Grimaldo's Mile, I had a beautiful and memorable day there. First that stretch of NYC beach is among the most historic and iconic in the world. The race starts at Coney Island - nuff said - and finishes at Brighton Beach, a mile east. Brighton has become a haven for Russian emigres and is very colorful in its own way. You can walk blocks there and hear nothing but Russian being spoken. Even the signs for pizzerias are in Cyrrilic. In some ways it's probably like being at the Black Sea.
Second it was a perfectly beautiful day. Third there were so many close friends from among the community of open water enthusiasts in NYC which has grown rapidly in the last 10 years.

And finally there was the personal satisfaction of feeling as if my stroke was as 'well-tuned' as it had ever been during a race. It's very easy for me to achieve that feeling in practice, but self-imposed race pressures have often made it difficult -- even when I have had good races - to feel the same while racing. So during the past week I focused mainly on finding a 'massive groove' and far less on 'metrics' than I usually do. I think I reinforced a valuable lesson -- that the best preparation we can have for a race is to vividly visualize the feeling you would expect to have--physically and emotionally--if you had the race of your life and rehearse that feeling in the days leading up to the event.
Terry Laughlin
Head Coach & Chief Executive Optimist

May your laps be as happy as mine.

My TI Story

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