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Old 05-19-2012
azamy azamy is offline
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Default When "I" became "We" I swum 1200 m

What I am going to share is something very unique and new (at least to myself if not others) but before I elaborate on my new discovery I would ask a few questions first.

Have you ever swum while walking in the pedestrian? While setting on a bench in the park? While in bed moments before falling asleep? These questions sound interesting, but what's more interesting to me is I have swum in all of those occasions. Even when I have a few moments of free time in the office, somewhere in the back of my head I am use a portion of my brain visualizing the pool where I am swimming calm and peaceful elegant strokes and focus on swimming excellence. Well, the reason is I love swimming and obsessed with it.

A couple of days ago I posted a thread where I mentioned about feeling pain in my stomach and intestines after swim sessions, I was thinking about that and was trying to find a way to fix that problem when suddenly something really interesting clicked me. I thought of talking directly and separately to each of my body parts as individuals about my swimming vision and goals.

Guess what I did? First I talked with my right hand (my brain was sending signals directly and only to my right hand) about a number of issues... Then I talked with my left hand… followed by my legs and feet… then my lungs… then the entire torso. I asked my hands to cooperate with each other because they are members of a team dependent on each other! I addressed my feet and told them the mission and goal is dependent on them. I told my lungs that without them and their cooperation the mission would fail.

Then I had a meeting with all of them as members of a “team” it was then when “I” became “We” the team! I briefed all the members of the “team” and told them the immediate next goal was to swim 1 km taking into consideration the “Bs” (Better Strokes, Better body position, Better and efficient breathing, Better propulsion and of course a Better and longer length)

Those signals that my brain was sending to each body part was the magic bullet that got me ready for the 1 km swim that day. I couldn’t wait anymore and within an hour I arrived at the pool with the intention of swimming 1 km nonstop. When I entered the water, just before the push off I spent a few moments and reminded the “team” about the mission and then kicked off.

I couldn’t believe myself how good I was swimming and how every “team” member was contributing. I was counting the laps, after swimming for 1000 m I asked the “team” if they were ready to celebrate the big achievement? Their response was amazing! They were all telling me that “we are ready for another 1000 m!” I swum for another 200 m and couldn’t resist the excitement and achievement, I stopped and the moment I was out of water, all I wished was access to internet so I could share this experience with all the TI community. I believe finding yourself and teaming up with your very own self in this manner can really give you all the weapons to achieve your goals.

I am impatiently waiting for my “Perpetual Motion Free Style & Outside the Box” DVDs that are due to arrive this week from the US along with my TI swim cap. I paid an American colleague who was going on leave to the US to purchase the DVDs and the swim cap.

To wrap up, with this new experience and new finding I have huge goals to accomplish and enjoy every stroke for the rest of my life. I will be going to the pool as a “team” (my shoulders, hands, lungs, legs and feet) and swim as a team.
Am I a distinguished swimmer? Yes. Am I more confident? Yes. Am I enjoying swimming more? Yes. Am I fearless? Yes.

Give it a try.

Good luck
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Old 05-19-2012
andyinnorway andyinnorway is offline
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superb post!!

I had a related thought today that in my next race I will visualize myself as a relay team of 8 people, each of whom need to swim 200m.
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Old 05-19-2012
Richardsk Richardsk is offline
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Interestingly, I have a friend in his eighties who insists that a 100 IM is not a single race but a succession of short sprints using different strokes. It seems to work for him.
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