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Old 11-17-2016
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Terry Laughlin
Default Terry's Health and Vitality Practices Fall 2016

I'm starting another new practice thread for Nov and Dec, during which I will try to swim six days per week--a greater frequency than in several years. Usually I swim 5 to 6 days per week during the summer, when I can swim outdoors, reducing that to about 3x/week during indoor-swimming season.

My primary reason for swimming more frequently this year is stated in the heading for this blog. I feel most healthy and vital during--and after--swimming. My first reason for swimming more frequently is to enjoy that sensation as often as possible.

I'll be mixing three types of practice
Practice on my own at SUNY New Paltz -- I'll do this once or twice per week.
Practice with Masters at SUNY New Paltz -- I'll do this 3-4x per week.
Practice at home in our Endless Pool-equipped Swim Studio -- I'll do this when the SUNY NP pool is unavailable or my schedule makes it inconvenient to swim there.

As I posted in my blog Swim for Health and Vitality: A 'Miraculous' Swim, a combination of cancer symptoms advancing and the effects of treatments have resulted in more pain and weakness and less stamina than just a few months ago. Even so I was able swim a marathon (10K in open water) on consecutive days in the Red Sea recently.

Because of the my stroke's efficiency, I can still achieve swim quite a distance in open water without fatigue. I plan to enter and train for several Masters meets in the next six months, which will require me to do something rather different--to swim shorter distances (200 to 1650y) in the pool at the fastest pace I can manage. My pool practices will focus on this.

My first meet will be Dec 11. I've entered the 1650y free (equivalent of 1500m) the longest event in competitive pool swimming. I have only four weeks to prepare, but will use it as best I can.

Sat, Sun, and Tues (Nov 12-13-15) I swam with the Gunks Masters at SUNY for the first time in 9 years. Since 2007 I've preferred to swim on my own. I've returned to Masters because it will allow me to swim more frequently and to enjoy the water and the company of friends. In this thread, I'll report how I adapt generic one-size-fits-all workouts to my personal priorities and preferences.
Below, find my first solo practice

Wed 16 Nov 1650y at SUNY
Tuneup 400 EZ Stroke Mixer (25 FR - 25 BK - 25 BR continuously). I held 15 SPL on FR, 16 SPL on BK and 9 SPL on Breast. This is one of my favorite tuneups.

Main Set
4 rounds of [4 x 50 on 1:00]
In each round, my goal was to descend repeats 1-3 and recover on the 4th 50.
Round 1 @ 13+14 SPL Times 45-44-43s.
Round 2 @ 14+15 SPL Times 44-43-42s
Round 3 @ 15+16 SPL Times 44-43-42s
Round 4 @ 16+17 SPL Times 43-42-41s

Set #2
8 x 25 on a 30s interval. I swam two each at 14-15-16-17 SPL
Times gradually improved from 21 to 19s.
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