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Old 03-07-2013
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Default Can swimming help a torn calf muscle?

Is it the most annoying sports injury out there? I tore my calf muscle. I had this "endless frustration" injury for the last 4 months. Looks like today was my "Independence" day and I feel that suddenly I have a normal calf again.
After the first two months of the injury I went back to playing basketball because I didnt felt any pain. That was the worst thing I could do because of the huge "weight and twist" sudden forces I let my calf go through. I tore it again of course... There are no warning signs. The muscle is still too weak but it doesnt hurt at all until its too late and you tore it again!
Last two months were just a one big depressing and frustrating time.
I couldnt do more than 200-300 strides at once. After that my calf muscle simply declared "no game" and stopped functioning and then I was just limping my way back. In addition I was losing any sense of the toes during the limp. I felt that I had no toes..
In last 4 days I started doing exercises to strengthen the calf (climbing a stair) and an "opposite" stretching exercise.
Walked today more than usual, then decided to tighten the laces on my feet and suddenly it fixed itself somehow during the walk! I felt that the problem was fixed and my calf healed !!!
Maybe just tightening the laces released the calf from the effort of lifting the shoe? I have no clue. But FOR THE FIRST TIME in 4 months I feel that I have two legs to walk on.
During this time I was swimming as usual. I believe that my swim helped the healing of the calf and flexed the muscles there.
This is a very frustrating injury because you cant measure it and you cant figure out your condition. Healing time is 3-6 months at least.
What do you think? Anyone else here suffered from this crippling injury?
I could swim but I couldnt walk for a long time...
you must be a donkey before you become a dolphin.

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