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Old 11-20-2016
sampathp sampathp is offline
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Default Things to improve in my swim

Dear TI friends,
I am Sampath from India and I have been practising TI for last 1.5 years. I learnt swimming by following TI DVDs. I have also shared my learning experience in this post: Now, I am doing some swimming, but far from perfect in style and speed.
I am aware that I have a long list of things to improve in my stroke. Further my current speed is also very poor(about 30 minutes for 1KM). To give you a feel of how I swim, I have uploaded video of my swim here: Can people here, help me the mistakes I do in my swim. What are the list of things that I should improve and how. I would be very happy if I can achieve 1KM in 20 minutes.

Many thanks for your comments,
Best Regards,
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Old 11-21-2016
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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First, let's consider the positive things:
1) Your body is pretty well balanced in a horizontal position most of the time.
2) The extension of your leading arm is good.
3) Your body shape is fairly narrow and streamlined most of the time.

Now let's consider the things that still need improvement:
1) Your body shape tends to fall apart when you breathe, particularly when you are breathing to your right. Your head is coming up a lot, and to compensate, your core body is curving, your kick is becoming wide, and you are doing a lot of knee bending. Your breathing looks a lot better when you are breathing on your left side, though even there, you are rotating a bit further than you really need to. I would suggest that you think about what is different when you are breathing on your right and left sides, and focus on making your right side breathing feel more like your left side breathing.
2) You need to focus on leading with your elbows during your arm recoveries. In the swingswitch drill, we have you drag your fingertips through the water behind your elbow and then, when your elbow is all the way forward, swing your forearm forward. If you do this, you should receive an assist from gravity that will help to drive your stroke. There's also a drill we have swimmers do in which they stand in the water, bend forward at the waist, extend one arm, and practice swinging the elbow of the other arm in an arc, then swim focusing on making the same elbow motion when recovering on that side. Then we have them repeat the drill, switching sides.
3) I would suggest that you start each length with a stronger kick off and a tighter streamline (pressing your arms more tightly against the back of your ears). People who are planning to swim in open water are sometimes reluctant to do this, since they know they won't have a wall to kick off in open water. But doing it will help you to get a feeling for how fast you can move in the water without doing anything, just by streamlining your body, and you will be able to focus on maintaining that same feeling when you begin stroking.


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Old 11-22-2016
sampathp sampathp is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2015
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Many thanks CoachBob, for your valuable guidance. I shall work on these and update with progress.
Best Regards
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