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Old 03-16-2012
SarahT SarahT is offline
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My experience has been similar to Gregís - suddenly, we can swim -- Wow! Like Greg, I extend my warm thanks to Terry and all the TI folks who have developed the methods and contributed to the forums. Gregís pointers are fantastic and will help a lot of novice swimmers like us. I was able to progress a bit faster than Greg, perhaps because I warm-up just a bit differently. Iíve shared my changes below, in case they can be helpful and encouraging to other novices.

Last October, I hit the pool after a knee injury. I could swim barely 50 m before stopping, desperate and gasping. I studied the TI methods on my own (no coach here), tried the drills, and was able to swim 500 m easily within 10 days. Now, six months on, I can swim 2000 m without stopping, enjoying every stroke. I turn 50 this year, and itís ridiculously satisfying to have learned this fun new skill in middle age; the life guard called my stroke ďelegantĒ Ė boy, was I chuffed! My knee has been better for months, but Iím having too much fun in the pool to stop. I spend about an hour in the pool 3-4 times a week.

Iím a distance girl (obviously), so my workouts are usually a 10 minute warm-up, followed by one long, continuous swim, during which I mindfully attend to my stroke and change focus points every bunch of laps. As long as my lap times continue to drop as my efficiency improves, Iím happy.

My warm-up is like Gregís with a key difference: Iíve turned the TI Superman glide into a modified slow breaststroke thatís mostly glide. This way I keep moving across the pool and donít have to put my feet down. I only use about 5-6 strokes to cross the 25m pool, so almost all of the time Iím gliding, focusing on:

1. Imprinting the targets for my hands for the freestyle -- in the modified breaststroke glide I put my hands in the X & Y locations on wide tracks to achieve proper balance.
2. Feeling that balance as Iím moving in the water.
3. Letting my hands drop naturally into the catch position before each pull.
4. Relaxing my head in neutral position Ė the breath in the breaststroke requires lifting my head, so I have all of these opportunities to consciously bring it back to neutral and relax again during the glide. This practice has helped a lot with the freestyle, because in the public pool I often am sharing the lane with 4 or 5 other swimmers, so I have to glance around occasionally so as not to run into them. Those glances can really screw up relaxation and proper head position. (An aside Ė so I now swim so much, and fast enough, that Iím worried about running into people Ė who woulda thunk it!).
5. Actively streamlining my arms (feeling the reaching muscles under my shoulder blades) and my legs (feeling them lightly touching together).

I do this for 300 m in 10 minutes Ė purposely slow. I think that practicing these 5 focus points rigorously each day before I start to swim freestyle has really hastened my progress.

Good luck to everyone. Like Ken, I think it would be so great to swim with a group someplace warm Ė maybe next year!
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Old 03-20-2012
plamont plamont is offline
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Default New Zealand TI swimmers

Originally Posted by kiwiford View Post
I know a couple fo years have gone by since these posts.
BUT so so hoping to make contact with ANYBODY in NZ who swims TI.
I am teaching myself from 2 min You tube clips watch for hours every day.

Ph is 0211642064
Cheers Marie
Hi Marie,

I've also started learning to swim in the TI style and have seen massive efficiency and distance gains resulting in my swimming my first 1km ocean race yesterday (very very different from swimming in the pool).

I'd also like to get in touch with any NZ TI swimmers. I'm based in Auckland but if you'd like to get in touch drop me a line -

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Old 01-03-2013
tmbailey123 tmbailey123 is offline
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Default Auckland based TI kaizen

Hi Greg and other Kiwis.

@Greg congrats on your efforts and accomplishments, I think we have all experienced those moments when something comes together in our swimming, it is a great feeling.

Transplanted Texan living Auckland (June 2011). Started practicing TI method in Aug 2009, while my swimming has improved tremendously I still have quite a ways to go and I am still really slow.

I try to swim several times a week, most of my pool swimming is at GI. Still working to make the adjustments to swimming open water with a wetsuit. Last OW effort was at St. Heliers Beach Jan 1st, might have gotten by without the wetsuit that day.

Would love to swim/practice with other TI swimmers in the Auckland area. Really wish there were some local IT coaches, but would certainly appreciate getting to know any local TI swimmers.


Mike Bailey
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Old 01-03-2013
Joe Novak Joe Novak is offline
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Joe Novak
Default Congratulations

Mike and Others,
Congratulations on success stories. My only recommendation for going from okay swimmer to gaining some speed would be to spend some time in the favorite practices forum.

It goes without saying that improving in the drills will help, but doing the practices Terry (and others) have created to get your mind involved with every stroke you take is such a valuable step as well.
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