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Old 01-27-2011
tskeltonpga tskeltonpga is offline
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Default thoughts on recovery/spear

So I've been working VERY hard on eliminateing the non TI recovery and spear that I had and started to notice a sensation that I was hoping for some feedback on...

So I almost started to feel 2 distinct parts to the arm motion in recovery and then spear...part 1 was moving of the hand (via the elbow) to the mail slot and part was actually spearing it through the water (at which all of a sudden the switch drills made sense because I felt a spear with one hand and catch/pull with the other along with rotation of the body). I was much more successful at minimizing bubbles and splashing a lot less.

Previsouly when I focus on having feel as one solid motion of bringing the hand up and spearing it through I couldn't get the splash away. But as soon as I felt like I first moved my hand to the mail slot and THEN speared it through did my bubbles and splashes go away. Does that sound correct???

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Old 01-27-2011
daveblt daveblt is offline
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To simplify this the recovery is what it is ; a recovery, which means the hand and arm are relaxed as the hand moves JUST over the surface of the water from the time it leaves the water until it spears , NO higher . The fingertips enter the water first and it should feel as if you are slipping your arm into a coat sleeve or mail slot as it spears forward and down with the hand below the elbow and elbow below shoulder with minimal splash .


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