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Old 04-10-2018
caronis caronis is offline
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Default Multiple Freestyle DVD's and the Different Drills in All!

Hi TI Folks!
It's been awhile since I've been on the forum and posted.
I recently found a bargain when a local used Santa Cruz bookstore closed and sold their inventory.
The TI DVD I found was "Freestyle Made Easy".
In fact, at first I thought maybe I had sold Logos bookstore this DVD years before and was able to buy it back. However, I take notes on the DVDs and didn't find any for this DVD.
I am actually confused by the various drill terms that are out there and was getting confused.
This "Freestyle Made Easy" DVD talks about an under switch. However, I have also found pdfs that talk about a ZenSwitch.
Since I'm getting back into the pool and want to review what I've learned, I'm confused by the various drills and terms that seem to be coming from different freestyle DVDs that were made at different times.
So how many freestyle DVDs are out there in existence?
And more importantly, how many and what are the different drills out there?

As I've said, I don't even know what a Zenswitch is and in this "Freestyle Made Easy" DVD (copyright 2003), it seems somewhat simplified to what I've seen before.
The two other DVD's I've owned were "Total Immersion Swimming" and "Easy Freestyle" Unless I'm confusing "Easy Freestyle" with "Freestyle Made Easy". there a central area to find pdf materials?
I have printed pdfs in the past and have found them useful, but now I'm somewhat overwhelmed by the large number of materials to pick from.
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Old 04-11-2018
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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The more recently a DVD was produced, the more current it is. This is not to say that the old DVDs are no good. Those drill sequences have worked for a lot of swimmers. But the revisions to the drill sequences were made to avoid problems that some swimmers encountered when trying to follow the older drill sequences.

Underswitch was later renamed spearswitch to emphasize the fact that you want to drop your leading arm (as though reaching over the hood of a Volkwagen beetle) and use it to hold your place in the water, as you do the switch, while spearing past it with your recovering arm.

Zenswitch was a term Terry temporarily coined as a replacement for the term zipperswitch (which made people think about drawing a zipper up their side, instead of bringing their recovering hand up in front of them). Terry soon abandoned the term zenswitch and replaced it with swingswitch (to convey the idea of dragging your recovering hand through the water behind your elbow and then, when your elbow is all the way forward, swinging your forearm forward in preparation for sliding your recovering arm to your skate position).

You can find all of the current training materials in the Store section of this site (click on Videos).


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