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Old 07-18-2011
Burger Burger is offline
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Default 2BK: One foot up? one foot down?


2 beat kick has always been problematic for most. Im just wondering if there such thing as an ideal 2 beat feet position?

when I do a 2 beat kick i have this imprinted memory of having both my legs streamlined at even level then a slight upward motion of the leg and feet, before initiating the kick from the hips then the knee. Then passively have the feet and legs returning to streamline

I have seen have this different type of 2bk where there is an alternating pattern of one up and one down kicking. Like alternating kicks which almost but not really scissor like kick.

What do you think is a better way to go?
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Old 07-19-2011
thomash thomash is offline
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Default 2bk

I can't say I'm doing it in the best way possible but I actually try to kick in much the same way you are doing it. Between kicks my feet are together, ideally they are touching, as streamlined as possible. Then I use a quick flick of the left foot to initiate my roll to the left shoulder high position. Again, feet together and streamlined. Then as the left hand is entering the water, I use a quick flick of the right foot to initiate the roll to the right shoulder high position. Feet together and streamlined again.

When I am executing correctly, I feel like have have good balance, streamlining, and I get a very satisfying glide between strokes.

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