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Old 08-06-2012
Jbparis11 Jbparis11 is offline
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Default first 1-mile OWS

i did my first ows ever last week. despite going about 50+ yards off course (learned a hard lesson about spotting), and a panic attack when i realized i was that far off course, i finished the swim less than 2 minutes off my normal pace.

* 32 in a 25m indoor pool (with very little push off)
* 34.30 in open water (lake). i had a very slow entry/exit from the beach as well.

i'm a 44 y.o. male, swimming only 9 months total. i'm very happy with that time, but hoping that others/coaches can tell me if that's okay ...or not.

i really have the bug to start regular open water work (it is much more enjoyable and fulfilling than in a pool), but where do i find good listings and/or an association group to work with?

thanks for any feedback
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Old 08-10-2012
boken boken is offline
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Thanks for the suggestion Katie. I have an underwater camera so this will be no problem. I admire your focus in doing a 5K pool swim. For me, the constant interruption by walls becomes tedious at 10 laps, let alone 100.

Originally Posted by CharlesCouturier View Post
And the winning number is?
(which rate do you choose for setting your tempo both in the pool and OW?)
Anywhere from 1.10 to .95. I practice in that range both in pool and OW. I like 1.00 if I don't have a clock (or don't want to stop and look) because it makes it easy to 'time' yourself just by counting beeps.

JB -- congrats on your first open water endeavor. I think your times are just fine for a beginning swimmer. Your 2-minute per mile OW vs. pool differential is better than mine. No clue on finding a good swimming group. I am lucky to be married to mine.

I did some eyes-closed swimming in the pool a few days ago and although I couldn't do video, Caleb said that on the breath (either direction), my gliding arm starts to angle out to the side when viewed from the front underwater. That is a habit I used to have a year or so ago. Since corrected, or so I thought. Actually, my current OW times are very similar to my year-ago pool times. My newer skills may not be ingrained enough to happen automatically without visual feedback.

That flaw could cause fishtailing and a loss of streamline and lead to the bad times. I did a few focusing on keeping that arm in-line and he said I was able to correct the flaw as soon as I started thinking about it. I have not yet had a chance to try it OW.
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