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Old 07-10-2011
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Default 10% Rule

Originally Posted by tab View Post
Water temp today 75 degrees, I can almost relax and swim with a conscious mind paying attention to details I forgo when the temps are lower. Open water is wonderful, it is going to be hard to go back to the pool this fall.

Sounds like you've go the ow bug There's no turning back now, once you get in you don't want to come out!!! I'm sure you know this but I'll reiterate it; make sure that you try and follow the 10% rule. That is, as you stay in longer only stay in 10% longer than the last time. For example, if you swam for 30 minutes on Tuesday, swim 33-35min on Wednesday or whatever the following swim session will be. As the water temps rise you'll be amazed to see how far you've gone in a week or more with time in the water. Keep up the great work and keep reporting back.

Keep Swimming!
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Old 07-12-2011
tab tab is offline
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Hi Naji, I will keep the 10% rule in mind. I live near the coast and may check out the Atlantic waters off Maine. This would be totally new, swimming in salt water and cold to boot. I could find some warmer tidal pools which would warm with the tide swings on hot summer days, tempering the water. I will have to run this by the swim group I swim with. The last lake we swam in was shallower than most and the weeds freaked a few of us out, things getting tangles around arms and legs. It was fun.

The hardest part is working time in to get to the water, summer being busy with work and farm related stuff. Some days I am just too wiped out to make it the the lake and have any reasonable experience. My daughter is off to camp, she is a major persuader in getting me going, I am doing well with her gone, but easier when she is pushing to go to this lake or that one.
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