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Old 04-19-2010
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Default ZEN Switch: LAND vs. WATER

When I am not able to go to the pool I like working on ZEN Skating (Zipper Skate) on my livingroom floor (High leading elbows, marionnette arm, finger tips at floor level).

NOW here is the problem: on the floor our body is ON TOP of the floor whereas in the water we are partly submerged.

So our Pool Recovery elbow/arm/hand position cannot be the same as our LivingRoom Recovery elbow/arm/hand position... otherwise we end-up with a hand 10cm below the water surface.

How should I adjust my LivingRoom drilling so that the exact same movement/feeling can be used at the pool? Should I practice with my hand 10cm (or more) above the floor? Any other adjustment?

NOTE: I noticed that in my living room my recovery elbow is well ahead of my arm/hand. On the other hand in the water the recovery arm/hand is 45degrees in front (can see when breathing). Could it be that in an effort not to have the hand in the water during recovery I have developed a habit to lead with the hand ?

Thanks. ALEX
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