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Old 05-28-2009
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Default ...and I'm off.

Hi swimmers
Took the plunge this past Memorial Day weekend for my beginnings to open water swimming practice!
I am fortunate once again to have a summer intern eager to swim and just nutty enough to join me into the LI Sound.
We began on friday afternoon a beautiful sunny day with relatively calm water. Air temps were in the mid to upper 80s with Sound temps a balmy 62F! I plan on using the initial weeks worth of OW for acclimatization. My goal was to 'test' my pool stroke and make adjustments physically if needed and mentally as well as hopefully send the 'ol nervous system a cue or two. We followed the 5mph buoys so made for a perfect set up.
Saturday proved to be a challenge as conditions completely changed, but this is exactly what I hoped for so as to get acquainted with different scenarios. The air temps were hovering in the mid 60s with heavy wind gusts so plenty of swells. I rode the 'roller coaster' nicely, taking more than twice as long against the wind and current but had a speedy ride back. That was FUN! Sound temps this day were approx 58F, after my shower I could feel my core chill right up ( like I just ate ice cream on a hot day) as the blood left my core to my extremidies.
Monday was again a pleasant day, calmish water, plenty of boat traffic so more waves to play with. This day we started at the last buoy and headed out to unmarked water using landmarks as a line guide, great practice! Air temps in the lower 70s with Sound temps hovering around the 60F mark.
Today, Thursday, was to be another go but had to abort; work ya know. Saturday is looking like my next OW practice ( love the sound of that : ) ).
BTW these initial swims were at an average of 25min. swim time only, 30min total time in each day. Wore only my Aquasphere goggles and Dolfin jammers (fire engine red). No need for a cap, although I think I should still wear one, or ear plugs and felt great!
I practiced several things in my excitement and will now look to settle in and focus on one aspect at a time, great fun I'm glad I started now!
Incidentally I also 'broke in' the outdoor pool yesterday with a tranquil 40 min. swim at 7am ( 30yd pool where I began) with air temps in the low 60s windy brrr so the 74F pool felt like a bath! ( the Guard was a trooper wearing two jackets to watch my nutty self enjoy a leisurely swim)
Thanks all for letting me gloat, how I do love to swim.
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Old 05-28-2009
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Okay Alan no need to gloat about the balmy 60F water temp, while I'm still in the mid 50s out here! Hehe, great job sounds like your having fun. Yesterday I did my most intense swim in the Bay all the way out to the opening where the water really picks up. I'll go outside of the cove tomorrow and see what happens. I have a 1.5 mile club swim from a place called Coghlan Beach back to the South End Rowing Club. It will be in the evening and I should catch the flood back in but the water might be a bit choppy but that is half the fun of ow! Hey the rest of ya'll get out of the pool and into the lake or ocean the waters fine!
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