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Old 01-16-2011
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Default Quickies

The past couple of days have provided me with only approximately 35 minutes of practice time in the pool. I've posted Friday's practice under the "IMing it" thread and will continue to share any quickies I find interesting; maybe others can do the same.
Yesterday's practice (what I consider "restorative"):

Saturday Jan. 15 YMCA 25 yd pool (2100)

Set #1
distance /time /pace per 100 (1000)
400 / 6:30 / 1:37
300 / 4:40 / 1:33
200 / 3:04 / 1:32
100 / 1:29 / 1:29
stroke thoughts along with a progressive awareness of balance then streamlining then propulsion.
Set #2
distance /time /pace per 100 (1100)
500 / 7:40 / 1:32
200 / 3:04 / 1:32
1. 1:29
2. 1:29
3. 1:27
(4. 1:27)
it was my intention to do 2x200 but was interrupted and then noticed my time was running out so I proceeded with the 100s and added a fourth. Then I was 'thrown' out.

I feel this is a good effort level to have as a base to build upon. Make this super easy and progress. I'll still continue effortful practices, even short ones, to keep my focus higher on improvements.
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Old 03-05-2011
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Join Date: Nov 2008
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Default Shiis

Inspired by the recent thread "HIIT" I used a portion of one of Terry's recent swims with MVM swim squad to practice what I consider SHIIS (Sorta' High Intensity Interval Swimming. I dare not say Training).
My go, after 200 yard tune-up, @
100 QP (quick pace)
100 cruise
100 QP
200 cruise
and so on up to 400 cruise 100 QP
I was able to descend reasonably well and 'leveled' off @ 16 spl (beginning with 14-15)
1:32/ 1:27/ 1:22/ 1:22/ 1:20
Terry's experience was with a "goal pace". For me, this is a good place to build upon as I head towards 'mastering' my ability to hone my skill @ increasing speed while maintaining good technique and gradually reach a "goal pace". At this point I'm not sure what that goal will be.

I then swam 25s using the same format. This is where I'll begin my mastering skills.
10 x 25 as
25 fast
25 recovery
My average time per 25 was :18. On the third fast length I 'glitched' (paused ever so slightly) during a recovery portion of a stroke in the length. I sensed this immediately and decided not to try and make up for it, just keep swimming. When I touched, sure enough the watch read :19. Refocus, these "glitches" add seconds and minutes but more importantly if over looked good neural adaptations are lost. My fifth fast length was :17.
I ended this "quickie" with 4 x 50 swim golf.

In hindsight I guess I could have posted under "test your skills" thread too.
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