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Old 07-01-2013
Dinahlady Dinahlady is offline
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Default Training program for speed

Hi there,

Just joined the forum

I'm really looking for some help with making a program that will help me swim a lot faster over time and condition me eventually for sprinting and working primarily that area of my swimming.

I used to swim in a competitive club until I was about 14 (I'm 21 now). I never really competed as never really wanted to and wasn't the best of the bunch either. I'd been swimming several times a week since I was 6 months old but got a bit rebellious as a pre-teen which didn't give me a great attitude towards it and eventually lead me to quit.

In my late teens I got into gym training and eventually became a personal trainer. I competed in some informal powerlifting competitions and last year trained to compete in a bodybuilding (figure) competition. But had to pull out as I had really bad twinges/injuries coming on in my left shoulder and right hip/lower back 6-8 weeks out of the show due to overtraining and dieting. I've since been to physio and have taken up yoga daily which seems to have sorted most of it out, still a bit in progress...

Anyway, theres a pool around the corner from me now and I'm looking to get back into swimming for mobility and cardio (put on some weight since injuries), I was going about 3 x a week for a bout 30 mins but I quickly lost motivation as I had no real training regimen or direction. From all the fast twitch training with weights I have little endurance and little desire to primarily work on swimming long distances (but would do some if this would benefit my goals). I love programming and periodisation in my weight training and use 5x5 or 531 strength programs a lot (if that means anything to you guys) and I am following a very light 5x5 program at the moment to help get my strength back up - alongside doing yoga 4-5x per week for 30-1h30.

My primary goal is to swim faster, but I know you can't just do that by trying to swim your fastest every time, also as I am not 100% with technique any more and as I have had injuries this would be stupid. I'm prone to overtraining because I try to go too hard too soon so really need some programming that will let me get good rest and recovery and adaptation.

I bought a metronome/wetronome and am looking to use it to control my stroke rate to help work on my power output and swimming smoothly and calmly, but keep losing motivation as I have no real program to follow.

All I know from being a Personal trainer about cardio training and swimming (not my thing as a student!) is that interval type training could be good. But I'm not quite sure how to set this up with the metronome and how to mix it up so It will have the best overall effect. All I've done with the metronome so far is go through different stroke times and have identified which time feels like it is taking the least effort but gives the fastest time on the clock - as I found on some youtube videos and on the instructions of the metronome - but didn't find much more info further than this. So I'm not quite sure what to do with this other than practice swimming at this pace and try and bring this time down slowly over time?

Any info or help - or links to other topics on this forum, or programs and info online that will help me - would be great!


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Old 07-03-2013
Terry Laughlin Terry Laughlin is offline
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Terry Laughlin

Welcome to the TI Forum. It sounds as if you're exercising in a quite healthful way -- replacing bodybuilding with yoga and swimming. I can assure you this Forum is a good place to seek support for a healthful, intelligent and satisfying approach to swimming.

The metronome device is a good idea as Stroke Rate, or Tempo, is one of two key metrics that will determine your speed. The other is Stroke Length. Can you tell us your height and Strokes Per Length (SPL). Specify if that's in a 25y or 25m pool.

If you love programming, you can find lots of that here.
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