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Old 04-18-2011
tonythetuna tonythetuna is offline
Junior Member
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Default Buttock strain/pain!?

Last time I experienced that was trying to play squash.
As rugby has been the only sport in my life that I did for a prolonged period (I was expelled from rowing, and beers and cigars were compulsory in rugby) squash was mostly me against the wall - before the ball.
Same with tennis (me first over the net) and golf (breaking the clubs).
Now too old for rugby (58) for the last 20 years I only hung on to the after part, red wine (I really improved that chapter of bad habits, as red wine is good) and cigars.
So 4 years ago -after a few bottles of red wine with a good friend- we decided to counterbalance this slippery slope with some swimming early the next morning.
Being no good at any sport I could not swim 25 meters without celebrating to reach the wall.
Still I realised this new effort was good and I kept it up (once a week). Knowing that technique is crucial, I studied a lot of video's and other stuff.
I managed bilateral breathing on 3 strokes (yes, with head up) and front square swimming.
A 1000 meters in approx. 30 minutes was what I accomplished (albeit exhausted) on a good day. The complicated drawings with how to move your arm (Wikipedia) in catch, pull and push were probably the most distracting (in hind sight), and probably the cause that I kept searching for better answers.

So 2 weeks ago I stumbled on Shinji and I was totally amazed!
Have the book (read it twice) and probably all the video's on TI.
I can recommend the seminar video's by Terry, he is a hell of a narrator and very instructive.
The once a week has now overnight evolved in 3 to 4 as I (after being amazed) got obsessed. At first I have been a patient and good boy and only focussed on swimming relaxed, stopping whenever I felt I lost it.
Drills are not my cup of tea....
Everything sort of works except for the pressing hand when breathing (but I will tackle that lifting head, I am sure). The rest is practice, imprint and routine.
So today I decided to try a 1000 meter non stop to find out if this would make a difference. It did, as I got out of the water whistling (sloppy technique at the end, but that did not stop me from trying this).

This afternoon I enjoyed this pain or strain in my buttocks. I guess from the 2B kick and propulsing the body.
So the big question here: is this good?

TonytheTuna (feeling like the Baron Von Munchhausen that pulled himself out of the swamp - holding his hair)
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Old 04-19-2011
bx bx is offline
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Location: Bournemouth, UK
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Might be an injury to your rotator butt muscles.
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