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Old 02-17-2018
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Watch this video
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Old 02-19-2018
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Originally Posted by Mushroomfloat View Post
sometimes i think people struggled to get where they are and so dont want to reveal the secrets to beginners because they think they should go theough the same forge.
I don't think there are any secrets. Practice practice practice and somebody to keep an eye out for position.

Best tip I ever found was as mentioned above go for air as your opposite hand enters the water.

I also found I have to press my head down a bit to get a pocket to breathe in.
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Old 02-19-2018
novaswimmer novaswimmer is offline
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For those of us who ride low in the water and are 'flotationally challenged', we have a very small window of time -- usually less than a second -- to grab air. I recommend your chin following shoulder to air, and take a breath as early as possible -- before the recovery arm has advanced halfway to spear (before it passes the head) -- if you can. But I'm still working on timing. This has been a huge hurdle for me.

As was said, practice, practice , practice. Yes, you may swallow water; yes you may get water up your nose. That's part of the learning process.

Also, when you first push off the wall, try a breath at the first or second stroke. Is it easier to reach air? If so, that is because the push off the wall is giving you a better horizontal position in the water. Only later, maybe halfway down the lane, do you find your legs dropping again and it's harder to reach air? That would suggest a balance issue.

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