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Old 01-29-2009
mjm mjm is offline
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Default EVF or EV&DV

Early Vertical Forearm or Early Vertical & Diagonal Forearm (from a USMS forum discussion):

Look at this underwater front view video of Thorpe

"Thorpe's forearms are not vertical, he maximizes the areas used for pulling/anchoring by moving his elbows out to the side more than by pointing his hands down."

"Should the goal should be to get the elbow out to the side so that the forearm is perpendicular (while on a diagonal plane) to the direction of travel, which will give the largest area to press against and the least amount of slip, as well as engaging the large lat muscles"?

If I keep my usual EVF ("over the barrel" with the forearm pointed to the bottom of the pool) and not diagonal like Thorpe, my shoulders tire and sometimes hurt. However, if I bend my elbow out and keep it high--near the water surface--I use my lats more and they tire less quickly. I don't think my stroke hand travels underneath me lquite ike Thorpe's hand under his torso, especially if I'm thinking "wide tracks".

Anybody else have a similar experience? -mjm
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Old 01-30-2009
RadSwim RadSwim is offline
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I am skeptical about saying how my EVF technique works, because I have not yet seen it on video, except for a very brief clip from the side of the pool last month.

It feels as if my fingers point toward the bottom of the pool and my elbows are wider than shoulder width. Elbows feel 4 - 6 inches below the surface. My wrists bend very little. My hands don't seem to pass under my body.

My mental image is that my forearms are straight vertical. I'll wait until I can get one of my swim buddies to shoot some video before I trust my perception. That will have to wait until the cold wave passes -- it's too cold outside to fool around with the underwater camera, we just jump in and swim. Perhaps this weekend, when a return to gulf breeze is forecast.

Regarding soreness, I just swam 2000 yards non-stop but slowly with my snorkel this evening, since the air was too cold to rest between intervals. I am mildly sore in my traps and rhomboids. Lats and teres major are slightly sore. No soreness in rotator cuffs! I am no longer getting the marked soreness in subscapularis muscles that I experienced the first few weeks.

For the past 2 weeks, my focus has been on integrating my new EVF with my "old" core power -- so I am not pulling as hard, but still have the increased efficiency of EVF. The 2000 yard non-stop is my longest ever -- previous was 1650 with snorkel.

Hope this helps,
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