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Old 08-11-2009
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Default Total Beginner's 5th Time Out

This summer I decided to try to learn freestyle. Never could do it, because I never could figure out a way to breathe. So about three weeks ago I put on a bathing suit for the first time in years and went to the town reservoir and thrashed around. Immediately strained my left shoulder (which is still messed up).

So I googled "how to swim" and found TI. Ordered Terry's book and the FME DVD. It made sense, so I started trying it. First time I couldn't figure out how to get over into sweet spot. I was stuck like an upside down beetle. By the next time it was starting to work.

Today was my 5th time with TI. Sweet spot was getting pretty easy, and putting an arm out was working like it should, so I went over into skate position. WOW! What an amazing sensation! I remembered to put my hand deeper than I'd think, and my hips and legs immediately floated up to the surface, and just like Terry says, I felt like I was floating downhill.

Actually I felt like some wonderful shark or something, with my shoulder and arm in the air like a fin, and my other side down like the keel of a boat. It was so slick!

I have to admit I doubted at first that I would be able to read a book and watch a DVD and learn to swim from them. It's not like I'd never tried to swim before. But this sure does feel right.

Thank you, Terry!
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