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Old 03-29-2010
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Originally Posted by gogglesnoseplugs View Post
I actually have put on weight as I continue to swim, which seems odd. I put on 2 waist sizes, and had to buy 2 pairs of new board shorts in 6 months. I can squeeze into one pair still. Do you think this weight shift is odd?
No I don't. When I first began to run, I really liked public races. Not that I expected to win, but it offered a nice venue to be amongs like minded people.
There were always more 5K than 10K and longer races. Invariably I would show up at a 5K race, run it, and then go home and eat like a horse. What I found out is rather than stabilize or lose weight over the weekend, I gained weight. It took my treadmill runs during the week (which were longer) to get me back to where I was. I learned that if I was going to race on the weekend, it had to be a 10K or better. Otherwise I might as well run on my own amd get some distance in to justify what I was going to eat.

Having observed swimmers and runners, I never believed that I would lose weight swimming. The article points out one reason why. What I have noticed though is that I am tighter through the midsection. I attribute that to the core rotation that TI swimming promotes. I suppose that if I ever get to where I can swim some real distance, I might be able to lose weight by swimming. But I wonder if you can translate TI swimming with its emphasis on "efficiency" to the normal calorie burn indicated on exercise tables for "normal" swimming. I also wonder if ones body wants to add fat to not only keep warmer but to increase buoyancy. Most seafaring mammals are technically fat.

If you are gaining unwanted weight as you swim more, I would suggest running on your off days as a means to control your weight. Otherwise you have to fight the urges that cold water and swimming stimulate in order to maintain or even drop weight.
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