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Old 03-07-2010
Suddethb Suddethb is offline
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Default Welcome to 3-Mile FLY Land!

A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH THURSDAY! I swam OVER A MILE in relaxed butterfly (sets of 10 laps), and my heart rate wasn't over 120 when I checked it halfway through and again at the end! WOO HOO! I had planned to do 1-arm fly, but started in full, then kaizened out and had to stop only when I ran out of time! I was as energetic at the end as at the start! THANKS TERRY!

Today I finished 11 sets of 10 laps @ 50 yards each (+1) in relaxed Butterfly (avg 1:15 /lap)! Actually, that is over 3 miles. I did the extra to be able to claim a 5K. WOO HOO! The last lap I did racing fly to see that I still had plenty of gas left. Kept my heart rate about 120 start finish! Mmmm MMMMM GOOD!

Terry's suggestions to me in the "4-Stroke Butterfly" thread were just what I needed to complete my transition.

I think I'm finally comfortable with the basics of what Terry has in the "Betterfly for Every Body" DVD. I did a push off at each end and glided without a dolphin for about 6-8 yards (not measured). When my buoyancy brought me to the surface I used the thought of lowering my hands to a point in the pool (anchored), then rose over them raising my torso so my head cleared the surface. I kept reminding myself to look downward (and forward) in a head neutral position rather than raising my head up and looking at the far end of the pool. I'm not quite as smooth as I'd like in "ride the wave," but seem to be very successful. I have a nice "whoosh" to my kick vortex as I head downward as I've looked down and back to see the rush of bubbles that my feet make. I do one more light dolphin in mid-stroke which has the lovely affect of looking like the flukes of a whale rising out of the water and then re-entering as I flick. Then it is back to a glide and rise. Terry had suggested I move up from 3-4 strokes per length in order to gain more oxygen, and on Thursday and this morning the average was 6 1/2 strokes per 25-yard length. At each 10 laps I paused to hydrate and then pushed off again. Soon I plan to try a mile without any stops and see how I do.

I had someone help with some video on Saturday, so I'll edit out the dull parts and will post some shots of the strokes soon.

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