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Old 02-26-2010
squidboy72 squidboy72 is offline
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Default 900yds today from 50yds in a month

I started TI one month ago coming off back surgery. I was unable to swim 50yds.

I definitely have not "nailed" the stroke by any means still lift head too much and catch my self "losing it" after a while but....

Today i started 0-1650 program while incorporating ti principles and busted out 900yds on limited rest!! I felt great! I am so excited about my new skills that I cant stop going to the pool to try an improve. I have used the book and dvd and also youtube videos help put it all together... 3x a week for one month....i am a Ti believer!
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Old 02-26-2010
mrauth mrauth is offline
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I am curious to know what you learned from your coach that differed from TI?
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Old 02-26-2010
don h don h is offline
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don h
Default mrauth's question


you wanted to know what i learned from the coach "that differed from ti."

the following is a summary of what i learned. although the coach was not a ti instructor, and thinks ti is "slow," these things are not necessarily inconsistent with ti:

1. altho' i thought i was extending my lead arm sufficiently, i wasn't extending nearly far enough. if you stretch your shoulder out all the way, it makes you narrower in the water.

2. i had a funky left hand position (turned out and up) upon entry and apparently during "catch," probably affecting my ability to hold water.

3. on recovery of left arm, my hand was actually dragging in the water. the recovery was very hurried. this stems mainly from lack of symmetry in the degree of rotation between the right and left side. when i pulled with right hand (i breathe every right hand pull), i rotate too much. when i pull with left (nonbreathing side) i don't rotate enough.

4. my kick was poor. bent knees too much, too much amplitude, and toes were not pointed, with floppy ankles, legs too far apart. she didn't like the 2bt kick, and actually didn't seem to know what it was. i could see on the film that i was firing it too early.

5. i wasn't "finishing my strokes." she likes an early vertical forearm,and, at the completion of each "pull," wants each hand and arm fully extended in opposite directions from each other. i was pulling my hand out too early.

these are the main things she told me and which i could see on the film (it looked bad. it actually hurt my eyes).

however, the impetus for my recent improvement is coming from ti concepts about how to address these things.

if you would like to know more about my recently enriched ti understanding in how to address these things, just let me know, and i'll set them forth in my next chapter. on the film, i actually looked humble. this was wrong, too.

don h
burned out 61 yr old poverty lawyer
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Old 02-28-2010
gerz gerz is offline
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Originally Posted by jimsandi View Post

My stroke count was terrible but I think I can work to improve that over time.
Previously I was so concerned about getting my count down that I wasn't relaxing. I just put the count thing out of my head and relaxed. It felt wonderful and I can't wait to swim again.
I totally agree. My stroke count is terrible too and any attempt getting it down causes fatigue without making significant progress. Neglecting lowering my stroke count makes my swimming much more relaxed.
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