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Old 02-17-2010
IA Joe IA Joe is offline
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IA Joe
Default Zipper Skate Makes Me Sink

I have just started zipper skate. I feel very balanced when my arm is still at my side (my knuckles are out of the water). Whe I pull my arm forward to the zipper skate position, however, I sink to the point where my elbow is barely out of the water. I slowly rise back up, but by then I am out of breath and have to roll back over.

Is this normal? All of the other drills have gotten easier for me over time, and I am hoping the same holds true for the zipper skate drill. Is there any way to keep from sinking when pulling your arm forward for zipper skate?


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Old 02-17-2010
don h don h is offline
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don h
Default sinking in zipperskate


i would surmise that you may be sinking from loss of speed. if so, until your kick gives you more propulsion, you might experiment with skating, and zipperskating, shortly after pushoff, when you still have the extra velocity from pushoff. of course, work on making your kick a little more effective, both in skating, and in sweetspot, and extended sweetspot.

have fun.

don h
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Old 02-17-2010
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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Your buoyancy is constant, so the same percentage of your body will always be above the water's surface. So when your elbow comes up, the rest of your body has to drop to compensate. Just make sure that your body sinks horizontally.

Keep in mind that once you get to the zipperswitch drills, your elbow will only come up when you are doing the switch, so your body will not have as much time to sink. In the meantime, don't wait until you are in desperate need of air before you return your arm to your side and roll to breathe (i.e., since you know it takes time for you to resurface, make sure you leave yourself with that much time).

Most people find that after they've practiced the zipperskate/zipperswitch drills for awhile, they don't sink as much.

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