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Old 12-30-2009
elk-tamer elk-tamer is offline
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there is a variation of the "catchup" drill, which helps to transfer the streamline position you do during pushoff over to swimming freestyle. pushoff into the streamline position, fully extended, with hand over hand. now, as you stroke with each arm and recover, do not start back with (or move) the other hand until the hand you have just stroked with is returned to and placed on top of the other hand. in other words, after every stroke you return
to the fully extended streamline position before making your next stroke.
That sounds like a recipe for ingraining crossover into one's freestyle.
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Old 12-30-2009
don h don h is offline
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don h
Default catchup drill in streamline position

elktamer expressed concern that this drill is a recipe for ingraining crossover in freestyle. it's not. it's just a drill. in freestyle, the swimmer does not even come close to "catching up" to the pronounced degree as in the drill, and the spearing arm is extended straight ahead.

don h
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Old 12-30-2009
davidprice davidprice is offline
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Default Been there 2

Hi Spdhiman,
All very good thoughts and advice. The last comment by Donh about extending is an excellent thought, and I have advised the same to some people I coached last year. The long body-line is a very strong concept that Terry encourages us to practice. The long body-line is important for both balance, and reducing resistance against the water, steamlining!
Another thing I like about the emphasis on extension is that it gave me a new feeling in my core. For example a chain needs strong connection at every single link. So it is in our body hands-to-feet. I would also counsel trying a dolphin kick to begin to feel your core muscles in action.
With that I also have a question. Can you describe for the forum how you kick and what your arms are doing? Thank you in advance for your reply and good luck to you.

Dave Price
Weare, NH
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