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Old 05-06-2017
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Default playing with a bit of arm throwing

A TI swimmer with a slighly ballistic arm entry.
First sink into your foundation in the water and then throw that arm forward from that foundation.
Boomer says its from the hips, I think its more a combination from the low side anchored arm and the hips.
Looks to me he is on his way to a nice stroke, despite the shaky kick and the dropped elbows.

the more competetive version

The elite version

Or the straight arm sprint version
It can be seen here quite clearly how the weight of the arm shoots also to the centerline because of the partly lateral arc the arm is making.
If the arm is thrown over the top you dont have this problem, but thats not that comfortable and requires a lot of rotation.

At a slow rate catchup style there is enough time for a big shoulder roll. There the arm is flying over more on top.
In catchup timing the thrown arm is more connected with the diagonal kick and the low arm follows. (2 min 9)

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