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Old 06-03-2015
IngeA IngeA is offline
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Did the doctor look in your ear (with the otoscope)?
I had the same problem last year. The earwax plugged the outer ear canal, so the water went in, but it didn't get out again. The doctor cleaned it out and then all was OK.

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Old 07-03-2015
JennaF JennaF is offline
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Join Date: Jul 2015
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I use Zoggs
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Old 07-29-2015
MaryGreen MaryGreen is offline
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I think you just need to choose proper ear plugs, I remember you've already tried few of them, but there's a great assortment. Personally I use Diana Ergotap Ear Plugs which are silicone, but you don't have to form anything of them. Their form is very comfortable and provides high protection level. Just don't give up, you'll find the best solution for your situation!
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Old 07-30-2015
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I know Aqua Sphere makes a swim cap which fits over the ears... it has pockets in which the ears fit. It may be an additional protection in conjunction with ear plugs, or just might work by itself.
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Old 08-01-2015
Talvi Talvi is offline
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Default Batman?!

That cap looks interesting. Sometimes when I turn I find my ear slaps the water on turning (not sure how that happens!) but it looks like the cap would be warmer in OW too. The picture looks as though you'd need eye holes!! Is it a Bat .. Hat?! Can it ... be ... a hoax? Holy hoods Marshall!
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Old 08-24-2015
ElminaKamley ElminaKamley is offline
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Originally Posted by EllieThomos View Post
I think deliberately utilization of a swab ought to do no damage. Its about to get your ear dry as quick as could be allowed.
EllieThomos, I agreed.
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Old 08-09-2016
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A typical wellspring of the contamination is expanded dampness caught in the ear trench, from showers, showers, swimming, or soggy situations. At the point when water is caught in the ear trench, microscopic organisms that typically occupy the skin and ear channel duplicate, bringing about contamination of the ear waterway. Swimmers ear should be dealt with to decrease torment and dispense with any impact it might have on your listening ability, and in addition to keeping the spread of disease.
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Old 08-11-2016
CoachJamesEwart CoachJamesEwart is offline
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Ear plugs are the only way to go. Zoggs or Surfears are the best I've found.
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Old 08-11-2016
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try a few drops of 50/50 alcohol/vinegar solution after each swim....
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Old 08-15-2016
Richardsk Richardsk is offline
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I agree with the alcohol solution. You can get a special treatment here in the UK called Swim-Ear but when I read the label I saw that it was about 99% alcohol so I just bought some alcohol which seemed to work very well for me. I tried ear plugs but they irritated my ears and caused swelling. I think if there is no serious infection in the inner ear that the alcohol solution should work but I agree that a doctor's opinion is best before doing anything.
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