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Old 11-21-2008
mike mike is offline
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Default kicking and breathing

I am having a terrible time overcoming the front crawl. I have been trying to learn for two months now and do not seem to making any progress.
i have great form as far as strokes go. After my third stroke I will rotate for air and always choke on water. Even if I am successful with no water in my mouth or nose, i seem to be huffing air but not into my lungs. It is like I am fake breathing. I will go back under for another 3 strokes and be even more out of air so i have to stop.
Another problem i am having is my kicking. I do know i am kicking to fast and it is not fluent. When i practice with a kickboard i will literally go backwards. It is embarrasing. I go backwards. My feet must have the wrong kicking angle to do so. I have switched from one angle extreme too the next and I still go backwards. I am guessing this is slowing down my forward crawl which is why i am sinking when i rotate too breath?
Any help would be great.

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Old 11-21-2008
GeneP GeneP is offline
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Default Spend some time

Spend some time reading the board, blogs, and Total Swim E-Zine. That will give you a flavor of what Total Immersion is about. If you are then interested in learning TI, visit the store and purchase latest book and DVD on Freestyle (front crawl).
Gene Prescott

Check out:
Updated 2/16/2010
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Old 11-21-2008
Baroche Baroche is offline
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Firstly, I was in your position twelve months ago. You have come to the right place!

Gene's advice is correct. You must start from the basics using relevant resource material - books, CD or even youTube! Personally, I recommend starting with Terry's book because it offers the deepest most systematic exposition of the principles on which TI is based. The book more than any other resource will endow you with the knowledge you need to become your own coach!

Why the book? Well I can tell your “kicking” dilemma is directly related to the most basic and yet most important fundamental concept in all of swimming BAR NONE.......Balance.
Trust me on this. If you learn Balance, everything else (..and there is a lot) will become much easier. Terry ‘s instruction on Balance in just one chapter of his book, advanced my ability further than 18 weeks of traditional swimming coaching(kick boards, sculling etc.) could.

Good luck! Best Regards
There is lots of help on these forums!
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Old 11-22-2008
terry terry is offline
Head Coach
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Default Solutions are on DVDs

Mike your problems with kicking are almost certainly based on being unbalanced, unsupported. Also likely from poorly streamlined body position. You are getting in your own way. Corrections for both are to be found in Lesson 1, 2 and 3 of Easy Freestyle DVD.
What you will find in the TI book will be helpful conceptually, but the drills included in that book - which was updated in 2001 - are rather different from those we now employ in teaching, with a lot of emphasis on learning balance on your back and in nose-up positions. Now we begin teaching balance from a prone (i.e. nose-down) position starting with Superman Glide -- which will relax your legs and teach you to streamline them rather than churn up the water. From there it goes by several steps to Skating, which is the lowest-drag position for swimming freestyle.

As for breathing problems they are quite common and are addressed in Lesson 6 of Easy Freestyle as well as in a DVD devoted exclusively to breathing skills O2 in H2O: A Self-Help Course on Breathing in Swimming.

Good luck,
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