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Old 08-28-2017
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Default Having difficulty keeping lead hand out

I'm relatively new to TI, have been working on some of the basics and early on what is stumping me is the challenge to keep my right hand in the lead position until my left hand enters the water. A few things to note to help focus the replies; this is happening while using a snorkel, so it's not my breathing; I happen to be left handed, and don't have the same problem holding my left hand in the lead position until the right hand enters the water; finally, not sure if it's correct but it sure feels like I get more propulsion from my left hand (the one that stays in the lead position until the right one enters the water).

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Old 08-28-2017
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Hi Rich,

First, good work and developing awareness, especially new to TI. One edge is usually more balanced and clean than the other. For you it's your left edge is more balanced than your right side edge.

If you are on snorkel and imbalance is not triggered by lifting head to air, it's probably your left recovery (or high side) arm lifting the elbow early and/or pausing at the hip creating an imbalance which triggers your right (low) side arm to pull to for stability. Try to extend left recovery arm/hand past the hip and swing arm away from rib-cage. This action will rebalance your vessel and help turn off the impulse to pull for stability with right (low) side arm.

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