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Old 04-11-2010
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Ken B
Default Swimming adventures

I want to restart the interesting swims thread. I swim for my pleasure, all summer in open water, mainly salt. I have found the ruler on Google Earth so I canít exaggerate distance anymore. I have little idea of my times because I canít read my watch with my glasses off. Unlike the polar bears Terry and Naj cold is my usual limitation and half an hour in the water is enough for me. The Southern winter will soon chase me out of the estuary and into the city pool. This winter I will use my time in fresh water to try to achieve the same ease I feel in salt water and improve my bilateral breathing.
I have recently had two completely contrasting swims. Picture an East coast beach, white sand, offshore breeze, thin lazy surf with the spray blown backwards, mid week, hardly a soul in sight. I swam from the surf club to the North rocks. I felt as though I was travelling two metres every stroke, each skate was a glide forever. I slowed my recovery just to enjoy it. My hips were high, my two beat kick a subtle toe flick. I felt like an arrow in the water. Too soon I was sitting in the swirling seaweed admiring the view. I swam back and a bit further because I didnít want it to end. If thatís flow I want more of it. Ok, it was only 360m each way but for a while I felt like Shinji looks. I still get a warm feeling when I think of it.
Fast forward to last weekend. This time it is a West coast harbour with onshore breeze and messy wavelets caused by the reflected swells clashing. I swam a kilometre (measured again). This time I couldnít settle to a comfortable stroke. I never achieved flow for more than seconds, I felt as though I was swimming on the spot, the trashy sea had no lift and each lump of water was like a barrier, breathing was a lottery. I worked through all the focus points I could remember and nothing made a scrap of difference. It was closer to the old struggle than I want to go. I felt as though I hadnít learnt anything but of course I had because three years ago I couldnít have done it at all.
Fellow TIís please tell me your open water stories to help me through winter. Northern hemisphere swimmers will be coming out of hibernation soon and there must also be some of you who have had sub tropical adventures.
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