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Old 03-02-2010
bigmish bigmish is offline
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Default When I try to get into “core balance position” my body seems to get out of alignment

I’m a new swimmer trying to teach myself to swim using TI. I began a few weeks back and was progressing through the first few drills smoothly but I’m having some trouble now.
When I try to get into “core balance position” my body seems to get out of alignment and I seem to veer in the direction that I’m rotating away from. Obviously I’m not doing this quit right and it may be hard without seeing me but I’m wondering if anyone has any tips they can share to help me over this hurdle.
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Old 03-03-2010
westyswoods westyswoods is offline
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Do you stay in alignment while doing underswitch drills?
What are you trying to do when you get out of alignment?
Is your body shaping into a U with back arched?
Are you keeping good head spine alignment?

A few questions you may want to look at. If at all possible try and get some video to post you will get tons of good positive feedback.
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Old 03-03-2010
CoachEricDeSanto CoachEricDeSanto is offline
TI Coach
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I think the questions on Westyswoods' post are good. It is often hard to find the muscles needed to hold your body in a straight line in the water. They are slightly different than the ones we use on land.

Two thoughts
1. keep working on the position, but don't be afraid to move on. You don't need to perfect one before you move on.
2. Practice on land. Skate on the floor. Practice feeling what a straight back feels like. Practice paying attention to what muscles are needed to keep yourself straight.
3. Practice in front of a mirror. it also helps.
4. You you keep "long straight body", or laser beam as focal points, you can continue to improve this issue as you move through all the drills and full stroke swimming. But don't forget to return to the basic drills, because they are where you can eliminate all forms of cheating and compensating and know you have it right.
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Old 03-03-2010
sbechtel78 sbechtel78 is offline
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I'm new, but if this occurs while in a skate position, make sure your elbow is tucked in to your body and more to the front not behind or on top of your body. As you switch if you tend to stack your shoulders instead of the slight rotation you may let your arm get behind your body, thus make you veer off either left or right. I really don't explain it very well....but if you get the video Easy Freestyle you can see it clearly demonstrated. I know that there must be a you tube of it somewhere.
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