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Old 09-11-2015
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Default Respect for others in the pool... SIGH!

Now that I am back into swimming, after an almost 15 year hiatus, because my doctor suggested it for health improvement reasons (I have mild Cerebral Palsy and a seizure disorder, and my doctor feels swimming will help improve some of my neurological functions), I was swimming in the "backyard" because we live on a river. Our weather is becoming cooler as Fall approaches, so I was fortunate enough to find an indoor lap pool. I encountered something very disheartening and disrespectful while at the pool today. As I am learning some TI principles through videos and ad hoc coaching, I am still very early on in my progress (trying to fix some of my spasticity that have due to my CP) therefore I may look strange to some folks who can swim well. A guy actually shouted, "Look at that retard (don't like that word because it is not nice, yet I'm quoting him) trying to swim! He needs to be in a kiddie pool!" If it had not been finding TI, I may not have had the desire to keep swimming, but that was rather discouraging.
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Old 09-12-2015
daveblt daveblt is offline
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That S.O.B . A lot of nerve . I would have given him something, believe me .

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Old 09-14-2015
IngeA IngeA is offline
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It's sad, but such rude people without any manners you can find everywhere. And of cause it hurts.
Give them a sharp quick-witted answer or ignore them. They are not worth do ponder about.
In the public pool I'm often in, there often is a very corpulent lady and another who is mentally handicapped. I like them both very much, they are kind and friendly.
And such an ignorant guy who has never had the chance to learn what's really important in life and in living with other people is somehow pitiable. He missed the most important and worth living thing on earth and he will never get it!

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Old 09-16-2015
tobiasreischl tobiasreischl is offline
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No matter where, people should respect each other

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Old 09-17-2015
wie wie is offline
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Actually the kiddie pool is quite good for practicing TI exercises.
I started there.

Think positive!
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