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Old 06-22-2009
rwilkes rwilkes is offline
Join Date: Jan 2009
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Barouche, your insights are fascinating - please provide more !!!!!

What do you mean when you say "breath, catch, pull"

I seem to be breathing on the pull phase. Am i right in thinking that my breath should start the process, ie, while extending my lead are. Then start the recovery (relaxed and passive), catch with my lead arm and then pull ???? Quite difficult to get right !!!!!!!

I am also finding it difficult to get the propulsion going, as you state, more propulsion from the core will lead to a greater glide.

Should i physically attempt to "feel" the rotation in my hips ??? At the moment they seem to go alon for the ride, so to speak !!!

As i say, your insights into TI are great.
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Old 06-29-2009
vol vol is offline
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Yes, Barouche, where are you? ;)

Since last time I read your insightful comments, I have been paying attention to the points you mentioned. I keep in mind your analogy of throwing a ball with the left hand and the role of the core. So true that the patient lead hand problem is not due to the hand itself. I found that when my left hand is extended, my lower body (below waist) couldn't be as relaxed and float high on surface as was the case when my right hand is extended. I'm working on this now!
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