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Default Headache 24 hrs after swimming - solution needed

Fellow TI Swimmers,

Anyone who has experienced dizziness and tension headaches from swimming and was able to get over them please share your solutions.

I am a rookie swimmer and last year spent several months swimming in the local gym pool practicing Terry's drills. Once I started experiencing "the glide" I tested myself in the open water at a local lake where many swimmers go durring the hot months in Sacramento, CA.

Swimming in the open water was much different than the pool and my first time in the open water was pretty pathetic, but I loved. After 5 open water swims I was going about a mile in 45 mins and feeling pleased with my progress. However, at the same time I began experiencing really bad headaches that would start 24 hrs after I was in the water. I felt foggy headed and had a tension headache from my eyes around the sides of my head that conneted at the back of my scull and lasted 5 to 7 days. I have spend hours trying to find a solution on the internet and a decent amount of money going to doctors with no solution.

My general doc thought is was allergies so I took a steroid medication and when that did not work, anibiotics. I then went to a ENT doc and got a scan with no issues found. Chriopratic adjsutment and accupunture along with not swimming seemed to take care of the symtoms. However, last weekend I went for a short 15 min swim at the pool and 24 hrs later I am back to feeling like cement head; dizzy with a pretty tough headache. I have ear plugs, a mask that covers my nose and have tried swimmng in different pools or lakes with the same results. I experienced this when getting recertified for scuba diving where I was not swimming at all. Is it: allergies, muscle tension, sinuses, oxegen deprivation, phycosymatic, eye presure issues? I do not know and neither do the Doc's I am working with.

I can not imagine that there is not a solution and would greatly appreciate anyone with a similar experience and/or helpful suggestions or comments to share them.

Thank you,

Cement Head
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Old 05-25-2014
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Very late reply. It could be inadequate hydration (before and after), and/or also poor head/neck position/tension while swimming combined with the cold water. Try relaxing the head into weightlessness and hydrating well before and after swimming.
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