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Old 07-10-2017
johynr]]] johynr]]] is offline
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Default stroke count at lower TT settings

As a challenge I am seeing if I can swim 1000m and 1500m at ever decreasing TT settings whilst maintaining target times of less than 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. I am decreasing the TT setting by 0.1 each session.

So far I have got to 1.17 and am only just able to keep to the target times. The number of strokes I am taking is slowly going up so the question is …..

Given that my technique has got plenty of room for improvment what should I be concentrating on to try to keep the stroke count the same at ever decreasing TT settings. I assume stroke length/count is the key?
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Old 07-11-2017
CoachBobM CoachBobM is offline
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Reducing your TT time really just means that your stroke rate (SR) is increasing. But what you want to improve is your speed, and that's not happening if your time is staying the same.

Remember the basic equation for swimming speed:

speed = SR x SL

What you want is to increase your SR while keeping your stroke length (SL) the same. You obviously can't measure your SL while you're swimming, but since:

SL = (pool length - streamline distance)/stroke count

and since your streamline distance after your start and after each turn is likely to be fairly consistent, you can maintain a constant SL by maintaining a constant stroke count (SC).

So your goal should be to gradually reduce your TT setting while keeping your SC the same. If a reduction in your TT setting is causing your SC to rise, you need to analyze what is changing about your stroke when this happens.

Don't be impatient about wanting to reduce your TT setting quickly. When musicians are learning to play a piece of music and come to a part that they can't play at the proper speed, what they'll do is slow it down to a speed at which they can play it correctly, then gradually speed things up while still playing it correctly until they reach the speed at which it is supposed to be played. But bringing it up to the proper speed may take weeks of practice. And it works pretty much the same way in swimming.

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