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Old 06-01-2016
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Default Best nose plugs?

I have decided to venture away from freestyle, or should I say try to learn backstroke, for variety in my workouts. Getting the technique regarding the stroke is not my challenge, but rather learning how not to get water up my nose while doing it has been something I'm dealing with. I have practiced exhaling through my nose over and over, since I exhale through my nose when doing freestyle. I have come to resort to the idea that I will need to wear nose plugs when doing backstroke. What brand/style would anyone recommend that are durable enough to last, yet are comfortable when wearing them? I do not care how they look, since I am not going for a fashion statement: I am looking for the best quality that will keep the water out.
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Old 06-01-2016
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The only time I wear a nose clip is when I backstroke. I use a cheap, but effective, latex covered wire nose clip sold under the brand “Synchro Nose Clip” which I purchased on eBay for about US$2.00.

The latex covered wire nose clips are more durable than the plastic ones, but the metal wire will eventually snap (break) as you repeatedly squeeze them for a tighter grip.

Since noses come in different sizes and shapes, what works for me might not work for you. The latex covered wire nose clips are good at staying on my nose. On the few occasions when they have fallen off, they seem to fall off and sink in the deepest part of the swimming pool; forever lost in the abyss. That’s the reason why I like to have extra nose clips in my swim bag.
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Old 06-02-2016
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I just use the standard cheap Speedo plastic ones. Fit me just fine and never had one fall off.

I get the impression you feel wearing a nose clip is the cheats way of swimming backstroke. Absolutely not. In fact I've read of top swim coaches making their swimmers wear nose clips for every stroke so they can get the most out of their underwater turns. You can hold your breath longer if you aren't having to trickle bubbles out your nose and are more relaxed. With a bit of practice you'll be able to do the legal 15m underwater off the wall fairly easy from a start although maybe that isn't your interest.

I find backstroke a great change to the repetitive focus on freestyle I have for triathlon. I think all the strokes have overlapping skills. You can learn some things from backstroke that are helpful to freestyle like the head not moving, focusing on one spot on the ceiling. WHen you tilt your head back you really notice your feet and hips lift. I find the flip turns easier because you roll into them with more momentum and you don't have to rotate onto your front again. etc.. They really do compliment each other.
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Old 06-03-2016
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I have mentioned this before that nose plugs may be OK for learning or getting over a fear of water getting in your nose ., I used them years ago for a small amount of time ,but eventually you should try to wean off of them and learn a CORRECT breathing rhythm. With a correct breathing rhythm you will eventually find out that you DON'T need them . It also closes off a breathing passage . I wouldn't want to run around the block with nose plugs on ,the same when swimming .


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