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Old 05-01-2018
Bada Bing
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Default Visualization for a quick burst of speed

Hi There,

I was swimming within a group at the pool last night and we were practicing drafting. I was to try and stay in the wash of the girl in front. At turns she would pull two body lengths away from me (a mixture of poor technique and politeness). When this happened, I seemed to subconsciously "throw two heavy arms" forward into the spear from the recovery. This would see me back scratching ankles within two strokes.

"Heavy" i think refers to a bit more oomph or power. I was able to get straight back into rhythm once I had caught up. As opposed to what I would normally have done for a bit of speed, which would have been to speed up arms, which would normally see me taking longer to settle back down.

Does any one else have any interesting ways (visualisations) for speeding up for short periods for evasive manoeuvres? Without being overly taxing?
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Old 05-01-2018
Tom Pamperin Tom Pamperin is offline
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Tom Pamperin

I like the "heavy arms" visualization. The weight implies relaxation and momentum rather than effort.

I also like Coach Mat's notion of feeling like you are on "tippy toes" to get a good effective posture for efficient streamline; that's really working well for me right now.
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Old 05-02-2018
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Relax and open up like this:

Think hip driven corkscrew
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