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Old 04-07-2013
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for what its worth?
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Old 04-07-2013
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Hallo Charles,

As far as I'm concern, most if not all DPS work is done in time trial context, pretty much always. This insures that an optimal balance between rate and length be aimed for.

If at any given rate you improve the speed, it is without a doubt as a result of an AVG DPS / length improvement.

Besides, athletes love this sort of work as there's a bit of a challenge flavor to it. Since tempo is kept low, not that much effort (overall) gets thrown to it. You really get best of both world, makes the whole work more significant, clock becomes your coach.
Hopefully I can get your further attention when writing the following: My next and long time goals might be of no interest for your point of view, but all your hints and insights are very welcome.

I'm not willing to pay every second less with more SPL. Against it I will go down to steady 16SPL in 25m pool and down to steady 38 SPL in 50m pool. I'm probably too vain, but it should look as elegant as possible. And with that DPS I should stay in a TT-setting where I'm able to focus on this or that BTW.

Yes with my times I sometimes have you're passing me with a kickboard and chatting with some guys. And if its possible to take my time down or at least to an everytime less than 30min per 1500m in any pool, my other goal might become reachable...

I do not want to offend, but I'm so funny with my swims.

Well, think for the next 10 weeks 1000m for needed endurance and 500m with focus on -viewing the pool bottom, -holding head aligned, -early inhale start, early exhale start and nodding exercises, -stretched toes and tiny knee bend, - spearing down to 4 o' clock, is some work to do. (The aligned head may turn out as main problem, because my breathe-feeling then becomes as shoulders are stacked... )

Thanks very much and best regards,
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