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Old 05-10-2017
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Default body position in water

Total newbie here to TI, so I apologize if this thread is somewhere else. How can we "feel" if we are under the water enough? How much of my head should be out? Do my kicks stay under water (i do have occasional splashing, and try to control it). I feel like I have a good start, but still am not sure about how deep I need to be in the water.

Thanks in advance. ( I know I need to video myself, haven't done that yet)
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Old 05-10-2017
borate borate is offline
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For body alignment, think 'military posture' but not rigid. Head/neck should be relaxed with top of forehead at the waterline. Gaze can be slightly forward, but primarily downward.

Feet should boil the water - slight splash, perhaps. At recreational speeds there's little to be gained by excessive splashing.
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Old 05-10-2017
Tom Pamperin Tom Pamperin is offline
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Tom Pamperin

Originally Posted by courtrun View Post
How can we "feel" if we are under the water enough? How much of my head should be out?
The best way to develop a feel for the proper head position is a little drill I learned on this forum from Coach Stuart:

1. Put your face in the water (I usually do this standing/crouching in the shallow end of the pool) while looking straight down at the pool bottom.

2. Push your face a few inches deeper into the water, still looking straight down, and stay that way for a few seconds.

3. Still looking at the bottom of the pool, suddenly release all tension in your neck/shoulders/head--all the muscles you were using to push your face deeper. When you do this, it should feel as if your head "bounces" up to float on the surface. Your head is now completely supported by the water, floating on the surface. That is exactly the head position you want to maintain, along with the complete relaxation that creates the position.

I've found that this results in a head position that is deeper than the typical non-TI swimmer. Most non-TI swimmers also look forward slightly, whereas the correct TI position is to look straight down at the pool bottom. If you can see anything ahead of you at all, you are probably looking up a bit.

This simple little aspect of the stroke--proper head position--is really important. I typically do this little mini-drill to feel my head floating and relaxed several times during each swim session to make sure I still have it. The trick is to maintain this relaxation during whole-stroke swimming. I've seen DRAMATIC results from swimmers who try this drill, get it, and can suddenly float with much better balance, higher hips, and floaty legs--just a few seconds to go from sinking legs to floating in balance, all from head position and relaxation.

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