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Old 03-27-2012
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Default Breakout progress

I finally found a detailed description by Matt Luebbers in swimming. I've almost been doing this on my own but:
-I've been stroking each arm underwater before surfacing vs his recommendation of stroking just one arm before surfacing
-I've so concentrated on the dolphin kick that I'm not sure when I begin fluttering
-not sure if I do #8 or not

Hopefully, productive focus points for next swim...

1. Begin with the dolphin kick, then flutter kick, then arms as you complete the first pull, the shoulder and head surfacing as the hand exits the water.
2. Push off on side, rotated towards your back as your feet leave the wall.
3. Push off slightly down, level off after a few kicks - but before you transition from dolphin kick to flutter kick - then begin to surface as you rotate and continue to flutter kick into the first stroke.
4. Stay at an angle off of the wall - don't rotate fully to back down yet.
5. Begin dolphin kicking while at an angle, but control the motion; keep your upper body streamlined while your waist and legs undulate.
6. After several dolphin kicks (experiment, start with at least four) switch into a small fast flutter kick. You should begin to level out towards the mid-point of the dolphin kicks, then begin to go up as you flutter kick.
7. Start a pull with one arm, time the finish so shoulder is lifting above the surface as you complete the stroke, allowing for a normal recovery.
8. Start your second arm slightly early to add more "oomph" to your breakout - once you are moving from under to up, get there and establish your body position.
9. As you learn this breakout, pick a number of kicks to signal each step; for example, six dolphin kicks before you flutter, then six flutters into your first two arm pulls, then into your normal backstroke and body roll.
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