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Old 05-12-2011
Mempho Mempho is offline
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Lennart and Westy,

Thanks for the advice. You've correctly identified my problems. I'm working on balance and streamlining, making progress to be sure, but it's slow. Your suggestions are most welcome.

I'd never used any kind of snorkel before and my surprise was elementary physics -- if your head is under water and the snorkel is in the air and the passage between your nose and throat is open, then -- water is going to pour in through your nose, fill your mouth and fill up the snorkel, up to the surface of the pool. Finis says "noseclips may be helpful", a bit of an understatement I'd say. I guess you can learn to breathe out through your nose, then close your nose internally and breathe in through your mouth, but to me that's a bit tricky.

I'm still stuffed up from the sinus irrigation I got yesterday.
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Old 05-13-2011
LennartLarsson LennartLarsson is offline
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Good question! Using tools cannot be the major part of your swim session. You do it, say 4x100 with a short pause between each, and when you use it, be extremely focused on what you want to learn. So in my example, the pull boy is not being used for pulling, but to help you balance in order to program yourself to rotate and breath correctly. Don't use it as a major part of your swimming. After the 4x100 try say 4x100 without or 8x50, keeping the same focus. Well, I am not an expert, but it has worked for some friends here that I have tried to help.

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