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Old 06-24-2010
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Default Let it Roll (2200-3100)

The Set:
WU: 6 x 100 as 100 long axis, 100 short axis, repeat.


Intended to repeat the 300 thru 6x50 set again, but was just feeling like lead in the water.

WU: 17 minutes including rests
MS: 600yd 1.3s 9.53(oops, did 550) 1:47s/100y pace
300 5.27 1.28s 1:49/100
150 2.43 1.26s 1:48/100
150 2.33 1.24s 1:42/100
50s (1.22s, 1.20s, then no TT)
48, 56 (cramp), 48, 46, 43, 42

Did a really long warmup, arms felt like lead as if I was swimming in heavy water.
The 600 went OK, but I miscounted and did 550. Still an OK set. pace a little slow, but I was trying to stay relaxed and pace myself for a longer distance. Could have gone longer and considered doing 800, but just stayed with the original plan. (longer distances at 1.3s/stroke...the tempo I'd set by doing trials of 500 over a 2-3 week period).

Then I planned to do 2 rounds of:
But only did one. Why? Boredom, heavy arms, couldn't get stroke count less than 16-17 except on the first 25 of my 2nd 150. Just wasn't feeling it.

Paces are consistently blah...consistent with 17 spl and open turns. Need to find either the time or enthusiasm to pick up the pace and/or yardage again. Will be tough heading to CO next week to keep up the swimming. Glad I am only going for 3 weeks this year.

Anyway, regarding form, I spent some time thinking about maintaining a longer roll onto my right side streamline to try and improve hte angle of entry with my left arm. I think I was letting my hips roll down too early and causing my left arm to "peck" as Dave calls it.

When I focused on this, I also seemed to achieve a wider entry which led to an ability to hold a better EVF on the least that's the way it felt.

I basically had to forget about my left side streamline/right arm entry and focus 100% on the other side. It was an exercise in dominance, or rather, eliminating dominance by focusing solely on the non-dominant used to focusing on the right side of my body, not just my right arm. I realized that while I had focused thoughts about what my left arm & hand were doing, I hadnt realized that it was at the expense of letting the roll to the right fall off early...missing the weight shift entirely. (even though I thought I was doing it). Live and learn...always something to improve.

Regading the imiproved pace on the 2nd 150, I believe that came entirely from focusing on a strong 2BK and core posture for that set. I took off 10 seconds in 6 lengths which equals a total of 8 strokes: 1.3 strokes per length. It all adds up.

Finished with 100 IM and a handful of random drill lengths of butterfly.
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
Level 3 USAT Coach
USA Paralympic Triathlon Coach
Coach of 5 time USA Triathlon Triathlete of the Year, Kirsten Sass
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