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Old 06-17-2010
CoachSuzanne CoachSuzanne is offline
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Default Trifling with Tempo (2200)


200 Warmup as 4 x 50 focused on various stroke thoughts.

3 rounds of:
300 + 150 + 3 x 50

Start at TT setting of 1.3 sec/stroke. Descend within each set by .02 s.
Start each round .02s below previous start.

CD: 200 mixed, easy strokes


300 1.3sec
150 1.28 sec
3 x 50 1.26sec on 1 min

300 1.28 sec
150 1.26 sec
3 x 50 1.24 sec on 1 min

300 1.26 sec
150 1.24 sec
3 x 50 1.22 sec on 1 min

This set was harder than I thought it would be, but most likely because I took a bunch of days off from swimming...ugh, never again!

The goal was to begin working in some yardage at faster tempos in a way that would not be too shocking to my form. the 300s were hard, especially the first, but again, i think because I was out of the water for so long.

I like the idea of coming at increasing distance pace from both ends. Longer sets at moderate paces, and shorter sets at faster tempos, bringing the two ends together to meet somwhere in the middle.

I'll do probably one more shorter set workout this week, then do some sets of 3 x 600 perhaps. Probably aftger some warmup sets of faster tempos, then try a set of decreasing tempo (slower) with each 600, then repeat a faster tempo to see if the longer strokes carry over.

With long sets I just don't have the patience to do incremental sets

**About the title of this set: My boyfriend came to watch me swim and saw me talking to "Mr. Biceps" in the lane next to me and accused me of flirting (it was kind of cute to see him jealous). The name "Flirting with Tempo" came to mind, but I figured he wouldn't appreciate that title. Looked up flirting on and came up with a little alliteration sounded good, hence "Trifling with Tempo"
Suzanne Atkinson, MD
Level 3 USAT Coach
USA Paralympic Triathlon Coach
Coach of 5 time USA Triathlon Triathlete of the Year, Kirsten Sass
Steel City Endurance, LTD
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