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Old 07-02-2016
flowersnapper flowersnapper is offline
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Default Help Please - I'm so frustrated with breathing

Hi Everyone,

I'm loving everything about TI Freestyle, but I just can't get the hang of breathing.

I can breaststroke correctly with no breathing issues.

I feel great, feel really relaxed. I can superman glide from the wall, breathe out gently and controlled, and I can go about half pool length (approx 10 - 12m) before having to stand for breath.
My legs don't sink at all (probably cos I'm not skinny ).

When I use snorkel I can swim easily to other end of lap, again feel great, nice and relaxed.

HOWEVER, when I try to incorporate breath, breath 1 and 2 feel fine, then by third breathe I am forced to stand to take good deep breath and restart. I think I must have read every article and youtube video on breathing, but I just can't work out why I can't complete 1 length (I know it's pitiful isn't it)

Maybe I am not exhaling enough - how do I know if I'm not, and how exactly do I make sure I'm doing this correctly - how do I forcefully exhale before inhilation, and do folks think this is my problem.

All thoughts and comments most appreciated, as I'm so frustrated. I feel once I've got this cracked, I will finally be able to progress properly. Everything else feels pretty good and I'm really enjoying it.

Kind Regards

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