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Old 07-15-2011
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Default Learning to swim in the deep end

Current Skill Level: Level 0. Yes Shifu, there is a level 0. I cannot swim 12.5 yards at the moment (Freestyle), despite taking a red cross swim class. I'm comfortable in the water and have no fears nor phobias, and can survive in deep water (certified scuba diver).

I started doing TI drills last summer but ran out of time. I only got about 3 short pool sessions before school started and I had to get the kids up before work in the morning.

Here's my question: How long do you think it would take till I could progress to the point where I could drill without having to touch bottom? I realize you can't tell me that in calendar time or even hours, but at what point in the drills?

Here's my issue. If I go early in the morning (6am MWF), I can get the "Lane" that I can stand in, which is really half a pool down from the actual swim lanes. If I try to go any other time in the day, parts of that not-lane are in use either by kids playing or aqua-aerobic classes so doesn't really help me.

The first actual lane is 6ft deep (last lane is 9), which I can stand in on tip-toes (6'2") but it's immensely popular and I'm not likely to get it without extreme luck. It also doesn't help that I'm deeply embarrassed by my extreme lack of ability to swim and it's difficult to go out to the pool during times I'm likely to be observed. Also, you can imagine that lane sharing is kinda not practical at level 0.

I'm trying to see if I can progress to the point, starting from zero, where I can drill in deeper water, and if it's viable to do so by the end of summer. Once I can do that, it opens up the lunch hour and the evening hours (assuming I can convince my kids not to come). If not I have to figure out a plan B.

So if anyone can estimate that in terms of Skills Required that would be great. An hour estimate wouldn't be bad either (even an "at least" estimate) but I realize there's a lot of unknowns. Also, what drills are viable in deep water and what drills are not? (I imaging SG is not, for example). Finally, what adaptations to the drills would I need to do what I'm asking (for example, maybe SG from side, then roll to back and skull back to the side?)
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